Concrete mixers

Mixer brand Venta designed for construction work and finishing for professionals and DIY. Very well suited for the preparation of cement and cement-lime, most commonly used for finishing work residential buildings, livestock, services, etc.

The devices are characterized by high efficiency and stability. Specially extended profile drum with a suitably profiled powerful mixer blades provide accurate and rapid mixing of ingredients without losing the mixture.

porownianie betoniarek

The small size facilitates easy storage of equipment and transport.

Low cost of ownership concrete provides a virtually matched the power of the electric motor to the working capacity of the mixer, ie the mixer: 120L engine power is 500W. He is doing great work there is no need to use a more powerful motor.

Durability of concrete provides a toothed ring made of cast iron.


  • Construction individual
  • Preparing concrete mixtures from liquid to plastic
  • Preparation of cement and lime
  • Faucets
  • Other finishing works and renovation

Advantages to mixers VENTA:

  • solid drum and iron wreath
  • protection mechanism wreath
  • tilt wheel with disc locking
  • portable concrete mixer thanks to the 2 wheels
  • simple and fast installation and commissioning
  • product is CE certified
  • installation instructions in Polish
  • strong cardboard protection against damage in transit
  • model 160L and higher uses a foot pedal brake
  • compliance with CE standards.
Capacity Motor Power Rim Weight Class insulation Tilt drum Pedal release Case power Level dimensions Carton [cm]
BT 120L 120L 500W 230V / 50Hz cast iron 43kg II koło - plastic 97dB 74x58x47
BT 140L 140L 650W 230V / 50Hz cast iron 52,5kg II koło - plastic 91dB 77x69x46
BT 160L 160L 800W 230V / 50Hz cast iron 62kg II koło tak plastic 93dB 77x73,5x52
BT 180L 180L 1000W 230V / 50Hz cast iron 64kg II koło tak plastic 93dB 77x73,5x52
BT 200L 200L 1000W 230V / 50Hz cast iron 67kg II koło tak plastic 95dB 77x74x53



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