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Hydraulic log splitter

Hydraulic log splitter are the perfect solution for people who need splitt the firewood.
Venta created a range of devices for splitting wood.

Two types of wood:

  • The horizontal splitter designed for splitting wood logs with a maximum length of 520 mm and a diameter of one split wood up to 320 mm
  • Vertical splitter designed for splitting wood logs with a length of up to 1050 mm.

Horizontal hydraulic log splitters VENTA is a device designed for private users, is used to prepare the fuel. If you have a fireplace or stove is our devices are ideal for you. Small overall dimensions and mobility splitting allow for easy transportation and storage devices.

Vertical Hydraulic log splitters VENTA perfect for wood preparation. By using our wood chopped wood can split/cut on logs. Powerful, award­welded wedge splits even hardwood. Rugged construction has foot protection, which provide stability during operation and facilitate storage. Vertical log splitter is equipped with a system of two­hand operation with integrated claws to grip the wood which increases operating safety and a folding work table.

Hydraulic log splitters Venta are equipped with powerful hydraulic cylinders with automatic return. Each unit is equipped with wheels allow for easy transport of the device. Handle security allows for two­handed operation. Quiet operation ensures the electric motor.

When you choose hydraulic log splitters you should note the maximum diameter and length of logs that can accommodate the device.


  • Ideal for splitting wood for the fireplace, stove


  • Strong steel construction
  • Big pressure
  • Sturdy wheels for easy transport
  • Quiet operation
  • It provides greater security in comparison to the classical chopping ax
  • The small size of storage in a small space
Thrust The length of splitting The diameter of splitting Electricity Engine power Weight
LP 15.5 5T 520mm 250mm 230V / 50Hz 1500W 50kg
LP 23.7 7T 520mm 320mm 230V / 50Hz 2300W 78kg
LP 33.8 8T 1030mm 560mm 400V / 50Hz 3300W 122kg



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