Oil heaters

Oil heaters”Venta”  are mobile, highly efficient appliances that provide a constant supply of high volume of heated air where it is required. Perfect for semi-open or well ventilated surfaces such as factories, warehouses or construction sites. High-performance heat and fuel economy provides a built-in thermostat – to set the desired temperature – if it reaches the heater shut off, then if the sensor detects a temperature drop, it will automatically start the heater. The device does not require chimney connection, it provides 100% thermal efficiency. Direct combustion makes it ideal for drying, defrosting and heating.
Devices of this type are widely used in:
– construction,
– horticulture,
– animal husbandry,
– warehouses, halls, etc.

“Venta” oil-fired heaters are mobile, high-performance devices that are designed to instantly produce a large quantity of 100% clean, dry, warm, smoke-free air.
High thermal efficiency and fuel economy provide a built-in thermostat to set the desired temperature.
For proper operation of the heater, it is necessary to connect it to the chimney duct or other exhaust duct outside the heated room.

These heaters are most often used in rooms where people live, for example:
– shops,
– tents,
– exhibition halls,
– production halls,
– kitchen facilities
– can be used for drying and defrosting
Our equipment is safe and durable, easy to use and ready for immediate use.

Heating power kW Heating power Btu/h Heating power kcal/h Air displacement Fuel autonomy LED Thermostat control Fuel consumption Power supply Electric powerc Rated current A Tank capacity Packaging dimension mm Net / gross weight kg
NO20 20 68000 17200 550 10 h yes yes 1,9 220-240/50 0,23 1,1 19 795*370*440 14
NO30 30 102000 25800 720 13 h yes yes 2,8 220-240/50 0,23 1,1 38 905*420*490 21
NO20K 20 68000 17200 600 13 h yes yes 1,9 220-240/50 0,23 1,1 24 825*360*525 22



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