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Plate compactors

Venta compactors are used for compacting granular material.

Compaction Venta is a universal device for all construction sites on which high demands on the performance potential of the machine. Comfortable use of our equipment provides ergonomically positioned throttle lever and adjustable handle leading system vibration. Compaction we have a high compaction force. Model UT25 and higher concentrate the ground forwards and backwards.


Ideally suited for:

  • compaction of backfill the foundation of buildings
  • layer of frost
  • the construction of the carrier layer of roads, paths and parking places
  • civil works
  • repair work on roads and bituminous paving
  • compaction roadsides.

Venta compactors are available in three variants. This gives you optimal selection of equipment for various applications in harsh conditions and continuous operation.

Panel dimensions Centrifugal force Compaction depth Feed speed Engine capacity Engine power Engine type Operating weight
UT 13 540x420mm 13000N 30cm 15m/min 196cm³ 6.5KM gasoline 86kg
UT 25 620x400mm 25000N 35cm 22m/min 196cm³ 6.5KM gasoline 117kg
UT 30 650x420mm 30500N 50cm 15m/min 196cm³ 6.5KM gasoline 155kg



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