Venta rummer is used for compaction of granular material.

Rumper Venta is a universal device for all construction sites on which high demands on the performance of the machine. Comfortable use of our equipment provides adequate weight with the powerful engine which in total ensures high power shock and with ease of use and ergonomics of our machines, users are assured that their work on ubijakach Venta will be very efficient.

Application rummers

In hard to reach areas such as:

  • Work on the foundations of buildings,
  • narrow trenches eg .: hydraulic engineering, telecommunications,
  • narrow passage,
  • the roadside.
The dimension of the platen Number of strokes per minute Power shock Feed speed Engine Motor Fuel Operating weight
ST 29 355 x 280 mm 660 - 700 /min 1800 kg 11 - 14 m/min 149 cm³ 5.0 KM gasolin 82,5 kg



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